Graylag is committed to acting as stewards of our earth, preserving and protecting our natural resources, and educating others so they can join in these efforts.

Protecting the land

In 2017, owner Carl Wallman ensured the survival of 176 acres of undeveloped land within Graylag Nature Preserve through a conservation  easement. The easement protects the natural habitats and ecosystems of this property — its waters, forests, wildlife, and native plants — and ensures that it remains available to the public for education and recreation.

Making green choices

  • All our cleaning supplies are eco-friendly.
  • To protect our watershed, all soaps and shampoos are nontoxic, phosphate-free, and biodegradable.
  • All our paper goods are derived from recycled paper.
  • The soaps in our cabins are made locally from goats’ milk.
  • To reduce the waste stream, guests are encouraged to collect vegetable waste in composting buckets, provided in each cabin, and to empty them into composting bins located near each cabin.
  • Guests also help reduce the waste stream by depositing clean cans, cardboard, newspaper, plastic bottles, and glass bottles at our central Recycling Center.

Conserving energy

Solar panels were installed on the roof of the large barn at the head of the property in early 2020, sending enough electricity into the power grid to power Graylag year-round. In addition, guests are encouraged to assist in energy conservation by turning off lights and heat whenever they are not needed. Wood is a renewable resource, a gift from our land, and we ask that guests use it in moderation at the fire pits.

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