Experiencing Graylag

Hiking, swimming, boating, fishing, observing, connecting


Graylag’s simple pleasures can keep visitors busy every day of their vacation.

Enjoy the water

The gently curving gradual-entry waterfront, with a dock and a raft, attracts guest of all ages. Paddle our canoes and kayaks, use our rowboat to fish for bass and pickerel or sail on the peaceful lake. Take your camera to the beaver lodge and watch for loons, osprey, herons and of course wild geese! Both sunrises and sunsets are spectacular from the shore. And in winter, take a walk across the frozen pond or try your hand at ice fishing.

Wander the trails

Miles of well-marked walking and hiking trails crisscross Graylag’s woodlands of pine, hemlock, birch, oak, beech, maple and an occasional American chestnut. You can take a gentle 15-minute stroll or hike for hours on more challenging terrain. Depending on your route, you may discover a rocky brook or vernal pools and pause on one of our rough-hewn benches, which are provided at various points that have lovely views. Mornings and evenings, you may catch a glimpse of a deer or even a moose. You’re more likely to encounter chipmunks, tiny frogs and salamanders.

Connect with nature

We have nurtured gardens, bogs of wildflowers and other native plants for your enjoyment, with more than 400 species in all. You’re welcome to pick the high-bush blueberries that ripen in early August. Nightlife at Graylag usually means reading and conversation, an evening walk, looking at the stars, or a cookout or campfire at the massive stone fire pit near the waterfront, followed by a sound and restful sleep.

Explore the region

The nearby communities have some intriguing events and attractions for those who want to explore beyond Graylag’s boundaries. For a few suggestions, click here.

"Let’s start with saying two days are simply not enough. The world is a crazy, wild, loud place. Graylag is far from any of such madness. "

— D.K. & J.L.

"Such a magical place! The peace, the quiet, the serenity, the beauty, the silky, silky water, where we took morning swims, afternoon swims, and evening swims! Thanks so much for honoring this beautiful land and inviting us in to share it."

— K. & D.

"A red fox ran out in front of me early yesterday morning. I heard hermit thrushes singing. Last night a bat, the loons, the funny kingfisher, barred owls, pileated woodpeckers, peepers. The big moon—wine-happy—a city shining through the stained-glass woods. And many hymn-singing warblers this Sunday morning! I feel at home in your neighborhood. Thank you again."

— J.W.

"At first, feeling uneasy about loosening the grip of technology we’ve grown so used to (cell phones, TVs, computers, etc.) but then allowing ourselves to “let go” and become in tune with nature was a beautiful thing. Other forgotten senses were re-awoken and heightened, and we allowed ourselves to stop and see the beauty around us."

— N.T. & B.T.

"We had a wonderful time – place is beautiful & immaculate! Beautiful cottage! You went above & beyond – love the benches, beach & Stonehenge!"

— A.Z.

"Our cabin is so cozy & well kept. We really enjoyed our stay. Unplugging from the world, just relaxing & being surrounded by the beauty of nature here is so amazing. The outdoor shower was my favorite, taking a morning shower & watching the sunshine reflect on the lake was great!"

— J. & K.

"Time slowed down at the Bower Cabin. The discovery of wooded hikes and rocks, lily pads and loons, and stars layered for eons in the night sky made for a restful retreat. However, a long swim back and forth then around the pond followed by a nap in a hammock at sunset may be what brings us back for more."

— B. & M.
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