The Preserve

Explore the woods, streams, & rocks along Wild Goose Pond


Graylag Nature Preserve is 300 acres of beautiful woodlands, meadows, and bogs.

The property borders the southern shore of Wild Goose Pond, a pristine 100-acre pond in the town of Pittsfield, NH, part of the Merrimack River watershed.

Graylag is home to many native plants and wildlife. The property is crisscrossed by a network of trails, providing an opportunity for gentle walks or longer hikes through Graylag’s meadows and hilly, rocky terrain. While rambling around Graylag, you will likely come upon some of the land art and benches that dot the property, inviting quiet reflection and awakening the senses. All but 22 acres that make up Graylag have been protected from future development through a conservation easement.

Graylag today maintains a healthy ecosystem that includes acres of forest, native plants and animals, and excellent water quality.

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